Questions that need answering.

The Events of 7th July 2005. Was 7/7 a self inflicted wound?

Why only after the explosion on the bus at Tavistock Square did the authorities admit that the explosions on the underground were the result of a terrorist attack?

Why has Tony Blair, Charles Clarke and John Reid stubbornly refused calls for a full, open and public enquiry?

Why has none of the evidence from the government enquiry been released to support the official story?

Why was the number 30 bus the only bus to be diverted from its usual route by police and directed to Tavistock Square?

Why was the number 30 bus held at this location until the bomb was detonated?

Why was Visor Consultancy running a simultaneous drill on the exact day, at the exact time, at the exact same train stations when the real event occurred?

Why has neither Peter Power nor any other of the over 1000 staff working for Visor Consultancy been questioned in connection with the events of 7/7?

Why is Haroon Rashid Aswat (a supposed mastermind behind the attacks) an MI6 asset?

Why don't the alleged terrorists fit the classic MO for suicide bombers?

Why at first did British and European sources report that the explosives used were of 'military origin', and then later after the police raids at the flat in Burnley, claim the bombs were 'homemade'?

Why was Israel's finance minister, Binyamin Netanyahu warned to stay clear of Liverpool Street station on the day of the bombings?

Did Scotland Yard warn the Israeli Embassy about the attacks?

Why did witnesses and survivors speak of explosions coming from underneath the train(s)?

Are the American links between Mayor Guiliani, Peter Power and head of London Underground Bob Kiley a mere coincidence?

Why has no CCTV footage ever been shown of any of the men at Kings Cross, Thameslink, Mainline, or Underground stations?

Why has no CCTV footage been shown of any of the men getting onto any of the relevant buses or trains?

Why has only one still photo of the bombers been released? Why is it of such poor quality and appear to have been digitally manipulated?

Why have so few images been released concerning 7/7, when so many pictures from the alleged 'dummy run' of June 28th and failed bombings of July 21st have been made available?

Isn't it too much of a coincidence that the bus CCTV camera malfunctioned on 7/7?

Why were three out of the four 'bombers' identified at a time when only one or two of the bomb victims identified?

Why was one of the 'bombers' IDs found in two separate locations?

If adequate answers are given to all these questions then we will cease our enquiry into the events of July 7th. Please feel free to contact us with the answers, or if you have further questions that you feel should be added to this list.

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