An alternative view to the events of July 7th 2005.

September 11th 2001 is the pretext for America to launch its global war on terrorism. Tony Blair joins the coalition, but without strong backing from the British people. As the war dead tally rises, support for the conflict in Iraq dwindles. When it was later revealed that Sadam Hussain did not posses weapons of mass destruction, Blair's popularity and backing for the war plummets. When it is revealed that Britain went to war 'on a pack of lies,' Tony Blair's approval rating drops as low as 23%. A criminal minority working within our government seek to remedy the situation by launching a classic 'false flag' operation.

The build-up:

Visor Consultancy, a company run by Peter Power, who has close links with Scotland Yard, begins mock terror drills in London (as far back as 2003). The 'London Resilience' and 'Atlantic Blue' drills desensitise the police and anti terror personnel to the coming real event as and when it is requested by the government. The public and police are now preconditioned by these drills and media propaganda to accept a terror attack in central London.

MI6 asset Haroon Rashid Aswat is approached by Visor Consultancy to recruit four Muslim men, who are to take part in the planned 'terror drills' of July 2005. After being contacted by Aswat, Mohammed Sidique Khan recruits three other men willing to take part in the drill. The men are briefed by British anti-terrorist and Visor representatives, who lay out the exact mock terror drill. The four men, along with the majority of the British anti-terror personnel, and the majority of Visor Consultancy employees are duped into thinking that they are to take part in a series of mock 'terror drills' in London. The four 'terrorists' are promised a large payoff for their work, which serves to sweeten the deal. The first 'drill' occurs on June 28th, and runs smoothly. This drill is of course captured on film, and later used as evidence to support the claim that the men practised their attack before July 7th.

The morning of July 7th:

In line with the plan, a number of tube train undercarriages are rigged with military grade explosives, using remote control detonators. The number 30 bus is also rigged up with a similar device, located near to where the 'bomber' is told to sit. The CCTV camera is disabled, thus the planting of the bomb and any other video evidence will not be captured. On the day, the CCTV failure is to be blamed on an electrical malfunction or power surge. The exact date, timing, locations, train times, bus numbers etc are laid out and planned precisely. Visor Consultancy and anti terror network high flyers along with the four 'bombers,' all know exactly what to do on the morning of July 7th. Scotland Yard leaks a warning of the event to Israeli intelligence, who then warn Israel's finance minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. He is told to stay clear of Liverpool street station that morning.

Without suspicion, the four 'bombers' turn up for the second drill, arriving at Luton station. They are given backpacks containing fake bombs to add 'realism' to the whole exercise. The men buy 'pay and display' tickets for their cars, and return train tickets, as they expect to return home later in the day after the 'drill' has been completed. CCTV images of this 'drill' will not be released as a precaution against conspiracy theories gaining greater credibility and/or if the drill does not follow the exact plan, but is still 'executed.'

The four men head for their designated targets. Due to train disruption and cancellations, the 'bombers' do not reach their targets simultaneously as planned. Nevertheless, the plan goes on regardless, with the detonations on the three trains occurring over the space of about half an hour. Witnesses report seeing holes in the floors of the trains, with metal pointing upwards, indicating explosions coming from under the carriages. The general confusion that follows (caused by the explosions and power surge), gives security personnel, already in position, extra time to check and possibly clear the area of any incriminating evidence, limiting the number of eyewitnesses and amount of media coverage.

The number 30 bus is diverted by police, away from its usual route, and held at Tavistock Square. The 'bomber' on this bus now awaits the planned drill to take place. The 'bomber' then hears news reports (from passenger's mobile phones/radios) of bombs going off on the underground. He panics, thinking that his bag actually contains a real bomb. It is at this point that the real bomb is detonated by remote control.

This shot was taken just after the Bomb. People have commented on the miraculous escape of the people standing at the front. The blast seems to have past right through them and, then devastated the front of the bus.

Close up of remaining poster advertisement on side.
This is either amazing irony - or the bombers are being a little too slick

Photo allegedly taken 30 seconds after the 10-pound bomb exploded on double-decker bus in London in 2005, or was this part of the "exercise of terror"? Where are the dead bodies? Notice the Kingstar van. They just so happen to be allowed onto the scene just after the attack. It is interesting that they specialise in controlled demolitions. See: KINGSTAR CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS website.

The aftermath:

The body count begins. In total, 56 innocent people are murdered along with over 700 injured, some survivors suffering horrendous wounds. The identities of three out of the four 'suicide bombers' is quickly established, even though only one other victim had been identified. This quick identification is rigged up using planted ID details (i.e. wallets), a similar trick used by the authorities on 9/11. A rapid cleanup of the crime scene begins, with all of the train wreckage evidence being cleared away in less than three days.

George Bush (meeting at the G8 summit in Scotland) is on hand to condemn the attacks, along with former New York Mayor Guiliani and Tony Blair. Three days later, Tony Blair refuses calls for a public enquiry, along with Charles Clarke (December 15th), and later John Reid. The Government knows that a genuine, open enquiry may uncover the truth and cause a torrent of probing questions and accusations.

The government insists that the bombs went off simultaneously, releasing one poor quality, (digitally manipulated), still image of the men together at Luton station. Friends and relatives of the 'suicide bombers' express their surprise at how these westernised, un-political and respected men in the community could have carried out such an atrocity. They even point out how Hussain had played a leisurely game of cricket the night before, and had recently paid out a large amount of money on car repairs. Media propaganda and disinformation begins, shifting the blame away from the guilty.

The Government later produces a 'narrative' of the events of July 7th, being careful not to release any evidence to support the 'official' version of events. Many victims along with a growing number of the British public begin to question the 'official' story almost immediately after the event. The poor treatment, and withholding of compensation, further infuriates many of the victims and relatives. Any suggestion of a conspiracy is universally attacked in the media.

The government now has its pretext to create new anti terrorism legislation to eat away at public free speech and liberty. Tony Blair's approval ratings rise, the war in Iraq receives more support, and the plans for national ID cards are set in motion. 7/7 gives the government the excuse to turn London into a security grid nightmare. Each major country will receive its 'dose' of 'terrorism' to shatter the peace, create a climate of fear, justify illegal wars, and usher in the nightmare that is the New World Order.

Is this a better 'narrative' of events? We at Global-Warning challenge the government to release the evidence and prove us wrong. More hypotheses can found at www.julyseventh.co.uk/july-7-hypotheses.html

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