Heathrow Expansion Protest - 'Inside Job' to Divert Attention from the EU Referendum Protest?

I don't know if you realised it, but on Wednesday the 27th of February 2008 there was supposed to be a massive protest at the Parliament building in London organised by iwantareferendum.com

Thousands of people turned out to lobby their MPs about getting a referendum on a day where there was an important debate on the traitorously signed Lisbon Treaty.

Suddenly, the Heathrow Expansion protest shocked the media and the referendum issue got ignored. I guess the media does not want us thinking about real issues, like the Lisbon Treaty and the end of our nation.
How convenient that the globalist funded Greenpeace people happened to break through some of the highest security in Britain and hang large expensive professional banners up about a trivial issue.
Was this a diversion? People on the ground seem to think so!

I can't see much about the referendum protest in the mainstream news, though I did see this Daily Mail article declaring that the Heathrow protest was an 'inside job' :
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The lady in the first photo looks too well dressed to be a peace activist... more like an office worker.
Seems like the globalists will pull any stunt to get the media off real issues that effect our nation and thus deceitfully plunge us further into Europe...

One of the protesters had this to say:
"I am fuming about it this morning. We all (1000's) stood patiently for 4 hours in an orderly queue holding banners, not making any noise or fuss, to get into parliament to Lobby our MP. Once inside, we were given a green card to write our names and requests on, which was then taken to the relevant person, and we waited patiently again for another hour and a half in the Lobby to be called up to meet our MP. Many people did get to see them and ours was not even there!! And there was an important debate going on in the house on the treaty. NOT even a mention in the news, or, as far as I can see in the papers!! SO I believe the business on the roof was orchestrated to divert attention from us!! However, it was encouraging to see so many people concerned, although there should have been many more people there. And talking to people, there is a real feeling of ANGER and FRUSTRATION, which will have to come out sometime."

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