Korean Air shows 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'

Reporter: Lance Sexton - Global-Warning.co.uk

I had the privilege of flying with Korean Air recently and was pleasantly surprised to find 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' as an in-flight entertainment option. The description on the personal movie screen read:
"Everything you've ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue.
Leading academics blow the whistle on what they believe to be the biggest swindle
in modern history."

Clearly Korean Air has taken a stand on the issue and want their customers to know. The documentary is in English, but someone went to the trouble of adding Korean subtitles. Sadly most of the customers were probably watching the latest mindless tripe excreted from the bowels of Hollywood.

I had not watched the documentary for quite a while and was freshly taken back as to the enormity of the lie that is being banded about across the world at this time: that humans have caused global warming. It also freshly dawned on me the absolute darkness that is falling upon mankind though the 'green' agenda. Not only are we being taxed left, right and center, we have to put up with the annoying tyrannical control and the mindless propaganda that most people seem to suck up - 'because it's helping the environment' - and 'it's for our future generations.' Perhaps our future generations will look back and wonder how we were so stupid to let humanity get so enslaved by social controllers peddling lies for their own sick gain. Obviously the environment is important - but lying to the world about the causes of global warming and then scaring us with environment disaster stories to extract money and control is unforgivable.
This world has a limited future anyway - because when Jesus Christ returns all things will be restored. God will judge this earth - and those who wanted to destroy it - the thing is - those politicians that are on the 'green' agenda are the same ones promoting war, destruction, nuclear programs, dumping of toxic waste, promoting genetically modified food, pushing eugenics programs and trying to mess up this world for this generation - let alone future ones. Something is terribly wrong in this world - but it is not eternal. The flags of this world will not fly forever.

Watch the documentary here: The Great Global Warming Swindle

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