Reply from MP about 7/7 - 7th July 2006

I received a reply to my previous letter (see Friday 19th May 2006 letter). It was on my doormat on the 7th of July of all days. Here is a PDF of the Home Office response to my letter (as forwarded on by Simon Burns MP):
Home Office reply to letter requesting an independant public inquiry

As you can see from the document, they point me to the official account, which was published on the 7th of July (according to the letter). This is perhaps a mistake and probably impossible. The official account seems to have been published on the 11th of May 2006. This is why Tony McNulty says that the Intelligence and Security Committee report was 'also' published on the 11th of May.
I have since read these documents and, interesting as they are, I found that NONE of my questions were answered. In fact I am left with many more questions. I guess this is a typical government response and one which only leaves me frustrated that they did not even bother trying to answer my questions. I mean, what do I pay them for anyway? Instead I have spent hours of my time examining long documents to find nothing that really relates to the points raised in my letter. Visor Consultants are not mentioned. The early warning is not covered. How it was possible that the IDs of the 'Terrorists' were found is not covered. Reports of bombs 'under' the trains was not covered. Read the documents for yourself and judge whether the Home Office reply is a valid respose to my letter or not. It is my opinion that even a five year old could have written the reply to my letter and simply pointed me to government documents. Saying that, I am not even sure if a five year old would do this - knowing full well that the documents would not answer my questions.

I guess the Home Office are right in what they say though. An inquiry into the 7th July London bombings would not add to their understanding because they probably know full well what happened. Small elements of the British govenment planned this and carried out the 7/7 London Bombings. Mi6 and Mi5 are the real terrorists. See the documentary 'Terrorstorm' on the media page for more information.

The government won't give the people (who pay their wages) an inquiry, so good people have done the work themsleves in their own free time. The People's Inquiry into 7/7 is being carried out at
To Read the government official account for yourself, print off the following PDF documents:
Official Report (11th May 2006)
Intelligence and Security Committee report (May 2006)
Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee report (May 2006)

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